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Rules - Submissions/Discussions

Stories may be submitted that are bad because of characterization (These are not the characters we know!), use of tired clichés, wandering (or absent) plots, etc. This isn't the place for bad grammar/spelling nits - those authors are beyond help.

Discussions: Anonymous comments welcome, but are moderated. Opinions can be challenged but not ridiculed. And please - no personal attacks. Please submit topic suggestions to Admin.

Posters must provide a link to any story reviewed or referenced, so everyone has the opportunity to read it. Authors of linked stories are most welcome to respond to reviews.

Not sure about this...

In another fanfic community I'm lurking on, there's a challenge of sorts, to take one's fics from other fandoms and rewrite them into this one. And I'm not sure I like that. I'm thinking, well, is it really the characters of this fandom we're reading about then, or just generic characters with the same names? There are, of course, stories out there that are written so badly (from a characterization POV) that we can't recognize our heroes, but this is a bit of a horse of a different color.

It's a similar quandary I had about including a story in my fanfic directory, where the author took on a movie in which one of the fandom actors starred, and said, "Okay, picture this other actor from the fandom as the second character in my story." - but it was basically a fanfic of the movie. I eventually decided not to include it in the directory, because people would start reading, wondering when "their" guys would show up - and they never do.

I know - and let's be honest, it happens frequently - that PWPs often have absolutely no recognizable fandom characters in them. It's just raw sex and the only semblance to the fandom characters is the names used. But this is a bit more than that. I mean, can the characters of one fandom (however similar the shows are in theme) really be exchanged for the characters in another without substantial rewriting? Or are writers just putting out a slash story and using the images of the actors, regardless of the characters?

Yeah, fanfics are written for fun, or titillation, or whatever. I can't help but wish authors would pay a little more attention to the characters though. Because most of the time, it's the characters that captivated us in the show - and not the way they're sometimes portrayed in fanfic.

Anesthesia and infection - wha?????

Can someone please show me where one cannot give anesthesia because an infection is or might be present? Because I have found absolutely nothing on the web to prove this, only that anesthesia may not be as effective. Now, granted, it's two particular writers who seem to love this idea (and their medical knowledge/research is obviously out there), but come on! Bad enough they add in this fanon idea that Face can't stomach painkillers (pardon the pun). One would think that would be enough with a serious injury...

You know, if writers want to injure the guys in various forms, I have no problem with that. It's great   But at least get some accuracy in the injury and treatment.

Just to reiterate...

Some of us remember heated debates about speech tags. So, because obviously those of us who have never been commercially published (now notable exception to this with JFM) know absolutely nothing about good writing, I give you Sarah Duncan - please note her qualifications on the sidebar.


Bad introductions

Okay. Sorry that it's me posting again, but this is for bad fic and grievances in TAT fic, right? Okay. So, I've suddenly found two things I despise. First, all team members being introduced. I mean, really, we know who these people are, we don't need a laundry list of the teams names. as is, John "Hannibal" Smith, Templeton "Faceman" Peck, ext. Ext. I kinda think that's basic knowledge, even for a newbie. Lol. But it annoys me, and hurts my eyes, and I want kill something inanimate.

I also hate & being used in place of the word. I think it's okay, sometimes, like A&E, because that's the way they want it spelled, but must one use & in place of the word? I know it's kinda silly but I hate it.

Vietnam era fics

I've a hankering for writing more Vietnam era fics for TAT.
But, I find it hard to write. Can I get some fic recs and ideas to help the muse along?

And while we're at it. Let's talk about that stuff that really annoys us in these sorts of fics. Okay, now don't get me wrong. But I dislike it when Face is a,ways characterized as a weakling. He's trained just like the rest of the guys and can ho,d his own in a fight. At least, according to the episodes I've just watched. There are a few where he isn't weak but the plot calls for hi. To be stupid. I want to write one where Face is smart and brilliant and can hold his own even while trying to get Hannibal and the others to trust him.

Yeah. I just need some thing different because, to me, Face isn't weak.
And he isn't in the show either. Or the movie

Let's just... not.

Bending my own rules just a tad here, but I've come across several stories over the last few days which have Amy together with the guys - and the guys are Rangers. No, this isn't a mistake. This is deliberate on the part of the authors. And at least one of these authors is one whose stories I normally like. But come on, people...

For Amy to be connected in any way, shape, or form with the movie team, she would have to be in her mid- to late-fifties. That's about the same age as movie Hannibal. But is that taken into account? Noooooo. Not any more than the fact that she must be having serious mental health issues dealing with these four guys who claim to be the team she knew thirty years ago.

And there are others. Many movie!verse stories include Billy. And many new series stories have Murdock as some mad scientist type cook.



And sigh again.

I know. This is probably one of those things - like boy soldier and "Facey" and rocking Murdock - that is now an indelible part of the revived/revised fanon. I would've hoped, with several voices out there at the very beginning, begging for this not to happen, that writers would've been able to contain themselves, but alas...

Sometimes I think, if fanfic writers ever realize that the idea is to keep the reader involved in the story and not jar their suspension of disbelief into oblivion, things like this will disappear into that netherworld of "What Was I Thinking?!". But then again, sometimes I think fanfic writers are just too busy listening to their little core of slavish fans to realize there are other people out there who read this stuff (why please 100 when you can enrapture 10?). Or maybe just too self-indulgent for such ridiculous thoughts...

Let's count the cliches

Sorry, I dunno why I read this. The writing is okay. There are problems here or there but...

Title - Alligator Bait
By - Leath
rating - PG
Summery: This used to be chapter one of "Jesse's Last Mission", but after reading it over again, I realize it really didn't fit. So, I took the chapter out. It is now a short story. Hannibal and the team are on a mission in Louisiana. They have been captured by drug smugglers. These smugglers are about to teach the team a lessen on sticking their noses in other people's business. Guess who they pick to go first? 

and here is a link to the fic -  http://www.ateamfanfic.org/read.php?&sku=1653

pros and consCollapse )

A beginners guide to bad fic???


So I haven't been in the fandom for that long, a month or so. I'm writing my own fan fic because I just love the A-Team. However, I've read Julian Grey fan fic and I never realized....that...I mean, I have thought some of it was bad and rolled my eyes and stuff. Anyway, I've read someone called Hannurdock too. I can't remember what story it was I read but it was one where Face got beat up by Hannibal because Face finally admited how much in love with Hannibal he was. and that was exessive. and to be quite truthful, I tend to accidentally read more bad fic than good fic.

And to avoid that because I'm just tired of sifting through the slush, what fan fic writers should I avoid?

fan fiction meta

Hi guys !

I didn´t post for a very long time, but now I like to say something. It´s nice when people try to learn from mistakes made by other people, but I don´t think that pointing out stories mostly written by teeangers as bad writing, is helpful. This doesn´t tell you how to make it better insteed and I don´t think that most people at that early age are able to be good writers. An other aspect is that fan fiction seems to attract more young writers and beginners, so it´s not surprising, if/when most of the stories aren´t that great. More experienced people seem to be less interested in fan fiction and prefer to write more original stories. And this fandom isn´t that "new" anymore, so people are more into the shows, that are on TV right now. As for "people coming from Europe", I tried to translate my A-team fan fiction to English, but got bashed for being a "kid", "bad author", "not able to get the grammar right" and...you name it a good example for lousy fic and a writer , who shouldn´t even try to write at all. Sure, I lost motivation and stopped being interested in writing fan fiction for that fandom.